June 18, 2018

Event and meeting planning involves countless details and managing an incredible array of logistics. But sometimes, in the quest to get everything “just right,” the attendee experience can fall out of focus. Embracing a customer-service mindset doesn’t have to cost a lot and can pay dividends in terms of satisfaction, engagement and repeat attendance. All it takes to get started is the ability to think like an attendee: What are their concerns and needs? What questions would you have if you were in their shoes?

If your group is well-versed in technology, there are online and mobile tools that can facilitate these experiential improvements, but you can solve attendees’ problems before they even arise using low-tech methods, as well. Here are three common examples, along with the solutions you can implement.

Answering Questions: Attendees will have questions about everything from how to log into the venue’s Wi-Fi, to where and when they can get food and beverages. If you use a dedicated mobile app for each event, adding chatbot functionality puts those answers literally at their fingertips. This tool can field a wide array of questions and comments, and more complicated situations can be escalated to an on-site staff member in real time. Being able to query someone or lodge a complaint in real time will go a long way towards making your attendees feel like their voices are being heard.

No app? No problem: Some organizers — even ones for whom technology is at the forefront — staff large meetings with event ambassadors, easily identifiable volunteers located either at a central “help desk” or scattered throughout the area. These representatives have a broad base of knowledge and can answer questions for people, or quickly find the person who can help them out.

Agenda Items: If an attendee needs to check something on their schedule, even the most basic event apps will be able to help them out here. Loading program content onto the app will keep this information close at hand, and most apps also have the functionality for attendees to change their schedules, as well. The other perk for the organizer is that, if the printed schedule changes, they can alert attendees who have downloaded the app via push notifications.

In the absence of an app, scheduling switches will still have to be handled and publicized manually, but you can make it easier for attendees by printing a mini version of the agenda booklet right into the event name badges. Being able to look down and flip though to find out where they need to go next is far and away easier than having to dig out a paper program from within a bag or briefcase.

Wayfinding: Attendees will want to know not only where their meeting rooms are, but where concessions, bathrooms, shuttle stops and other amenities are located. Wayfinding or interactive map functionality built into an event app can show them the way. Sophisticated app platforms on the market today even offer beacon-based wayfinding that can provide turn-by-turn directions, giving attendees a GPS-like experience right within the venue.

But you don’t necessarily need an app to show your guests how to get around. Something as simple as floor decals labeled with arrows, or footpaths offer a simpler form of guidance. Depending on the nature of the event, it may be possible to get those decals sponsored — a truly unique opportunity for one of your partners to showcase their brand to your attendees.

Good customer service can be the element that gives your meeting the edge over the competition, and cultivate the kind of engagement that you can build on for the future.


Contributed by:

Grazia Mohren, Director or Marketing, AHM

Passionate about digital marketing, social media, and incorporating new technologies into marketing strategy, Grazia Mohren brings more than 12 years of experience in marketing and public relations, to her role as Director of Marketing at AHM. Prior to joining AHM in 2017, Mohren spearheaded campaigns for hundreds of events and conferences, including Oscar and Golden Globe events, film festivals, product launches, and more.

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