October 28, 2015

Is it better to give than to recieve?
That may be the wrong question…because the answer may be “both.”
President Calvin Coolidge famously declared that the business of America is business. He wasn’t wrong. In the US we celebrate the entrepreneurs and tycoons as the superstars of an achievement oriented culture.
Of course, it is also true, that there is more to us as a country and as individuals than the enterprising goals we pursue. Making the world better is something we all try to do through a variety of means; volunteering, donating; leading, inspiring.
In fact, it may just be that getting out of our daily routines and actively trying to help others is good for us, too. Personally, I believe even one special night of thoughtfulness, kindness, and giving not only changes the recipients, but also the givers and doers — in our case the AHMers.
That’s one of the special pleasures of being part of Trick or Suite, a series of local events hosted by the Embassy Suites By Hilton. The complimentary event is provided for the benefit of children with serious illnesses who are too weak or immuno-suppressed to go out trick-or-treating. Thanks to the hospitality company and other corporate participants such as AHM, they will have an opportunity to celebrate Halloween in a safe environment.
Judging by the way AHMers get involved, it’s clear that we have a team with great instincts and lots of motivation. Of course we are not alone. More and more organizations emphasize not just “corporate giving” but also engaging employees in a wide range of worthwhile causes, often locally based.
Trick or Suite may not “bring world peace or solve global hunger,” to borrow an overused and somewhat cynical rejoinder that one often hears, but it does make a difference, a big difference to a small number of kids who would otherwise be “lost” amidst the annual October festivities. And that fact reminds us of how important small acts of kindness and consideration can be. We are also a culture that celebrates and values the individual. And, as a practical matter, it may well be that one of the individuals we help will someday accomplish something remarkable and great. It is a pay it forward strategy. The small investments we provide in making the world a better place will most likely pay handsome dividends down the road.
Furthermore kindness (and leadership and volunteering and charity) are contagious…The acts of one person (or company) can inspire others to do the same.
We would love to hear your stories about volunteer programs you may enjoy or appreciate or, for that matter, suggestions of groups or initiatives that could use a boost! In this case, receiving is just as important as giving…

Contributed by:

Lisa Keilty, Global VP of Compliance and Strategic Solutions, AHM

Lisa joined AHM after serving as founder of the Compliance Consulting firm PMC2 and spending over 26 years in the life sciences and meeting management industry. Leading such organizations as Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb and Biogen Idec through numerous international projects, financial transparency and reporting requirements, Lisa’s industry expertise has saved Life Sciences and Meeting Management organizations over 30 million dollars. As a member of the Business Development team, Lisa’s primary focus will be Thought Leadership,Demand Generation and Solution Design.