November 1, 2013

AHM Hosts First Annual Industry Conference

New Providence, NJ, November 1, 2013 – AHM, the leading global provider of technology and service solutions for the management of Life Science Industry financial and regulatory compliance, completed its first Industry
Conference in Princeton, NJ on October 23rd, drawing over 80 industry professionals across 25 Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device companies.
The Conference enabled industry professionals to study best practices in regulatory spend compliance, global consolidation and standardization approaches, and leading edge event management technologies. Conference attendees received insights from AHM’s subject matter experts, and also from industry peers working through similar challenges.
Nigel Whitehead, AHM’s CEO, gave the Keynote address with a presentation on, “Solutions for the Changing Landscape of HCP Interactions Management,” an overview of AHM’s new strategy to expand its software and service solutions that enable compliant global HCP interactions. Whitehead’s presentation introduced attendees to AHM’s evolving company strategy, and was designed to promote Conference dialogue on vital Event Management and HCP Compliance issues in today’s rapidly changing regulatory environment
Whitehead highlighted that customer feedback prompted the Conference’s development: “Management of Healthcare Professional and Healthcare Organization interactions in a compliant manner is a significant challenge to address economically.  We’ve been asked by a number of companies to develop cost-effective, technically agile and globally deployable solutions that drive proactive compliance through their organizations.”
AHM will be hosting a similar event in London February 2014 – “Solutions for Managing Compliant Healthcare Professional Spend Interactions in the European Market”
About AHM
AHM, locatedin New Providence, NJ, is a global provider of technology-enabled services designed to manage compliant interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations for the highly regulated Life Sciences industry. AHM offers the
most robust Event Management and HCP Compliance solutions in the industry. AHM’s solutions are used by the top global life sciences companies and by tens of thousands of industry sales representatives, commercial managers and healthcare
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