January 23, 2014

With its release confirmed for Q2, 2014, client demand drives focus on China, Brazil, Russia and other Emerging Markets

New Providence, NJ, January 23, 2014 – AHM, a leading provider of technology and service solutions for managing compliant transfer of value interactions with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), today confirmed the release of its global Interactions Manager Solution in Q2, 2014. The availability of the solution was first announced at the AHM Industry Conference in October, 2013.
The upcoming release will include capabilities to support Emerging Markets which have been driven by an increase in client demand to meet global business objectives. With China, Brazil, Russia and other Emerging Markets now considered critical to their growth plans by many Life Science companies, ensuring HCP transfer of value interactions are managed in a compliant manner, is considered a fundamental business requirement.
AHM’s solution, Interactions Manager, leverages a leading global Platform-as-a-Service solution, offering the flexibility and configurability needed to support a wide range of transfer of value interaction types, including comprehensive Event Management capabilities.The solution will support HCP eligibility, contracting, fair market value (FMV) administration, cap management, cross border management, payment services and full support for transfer of value calculations.  Designed to support transparency in global markets, a best practices approach is being utilized to drive requirements with
clients being encouraged to influence the content of the release roadmap.
“Ensuring compliant HCP transfer of value interactions that support transparency initiatives, whether they are legislated or internally driven, are a priority for our clients. Our global platform and market configured solution aligns with our client’s need to support multi-country initiatives, implement global company standards, and leverage market best practices”; commented Nigel Whitehead, AHM’s CEO.
About AHM
Advanced Health Media (AHM), headquartered in New Providence, NJ, is a global provider of technology and service solutions designed to manage compliant interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations for the highly regulated life sciences industry. AHMs solutions are used by top pharmaceutical and biotech companies and in use by tens of thousands of industry sales representatives, commercial managers and healthcare professionals worldwide. For more information, please visit www.ahmdirect.com.