January 18, 2017

Global Dilemma: Determining Healthcare Professional (HCP) Eligibility
For Life Sciences manufacturers, HCP interactions are a BIG DEAL. It takes many months of researching, planning, scheduling, recruiting, tracking, and corresponding with a variety of stakeholders to engage the right speakers and participants. HCP interactions are critical to healthcare organizations (HCOs) because of the exchange of scientific and medical information, and candid feedback that is integrated into research and key opinion leader input. One compliance dilemma AHM has assisted their clients with over the past few years centers on participant eligibility. This dilemma is not limited to the United States—increased programming in global markets, such as those in European and Asian-Pacific regions, entails participant recruitment from other countries around the world, different sets of rules on how HCP interactions can occur, country- and/or institution-specific regulations, and variances in transfer-of-value reporting requirements, among other challenges. Coinciding with global HCP interactions are the complexities of complying with global regulations when managing HCP interactions.
Compliance violations due to participant ineligibility trigger retrospective inquiries: Were the right HCPs invited to attend the promotional or nonpromotional event? Were the right speakers invited and qualified to present at the meeting? What are the rules that govern how interactions can occur with each and every HCP? According to Frank Castora, Director, Global Solutions Management at AHM, planning future HCP interactions prompts several questions such as: Is there a way prevent the “accidental attendee” and consequent compliance violations? What can Life Sciences manufacturers do to be proactive and prevent this increasingly prevalent global dilemma?
Global Solutions: CentrisDirect Release 2 and Strategic Alliance
Global dilemmas require global solutions. AHM is a leading global provider of software and service solutions designed to manage compliant interactions with HCPs and Life Sciences industry. To address the pressing compliance requirements and dilemmas when managing global HCP interactions, AHM upgraded CentrisDirect, which is the company’s single end-to-end cloud-based platform suite designed to collect and consolidate all HCP transfer of value interactions across the enterprise. Enhancements to the platform, called “Release 2,” are available now and have generated significant market interest both domestically and internationally. The platform enhancements were specifically designed to prevent and address complex global compliance dilemmas. Some of the enhanced features include:
Product Localization

  • Platform translated into simplified Chinese and Portuguese

Enhanced Compliance Controls

  • Identify participant eligibility issues during closeout
  • Identify and track compliance violations for interactions
  • Exclude ineligible HCPs from participating in an interaction
  • Leverage Compliance Violation Tracking if a violation transpires

Speaker Utilization Caps

  • Select speakers aligned to their territory per specific number of times during a specified interval

Interaction Compliance Audits

  • Flag an interaction for Compliance review

Marketing Initiatives

  • Configure a set of interactions with a common set of parameters and/or business rules (eg, program type, budget, speaker count, and topics)

Interaction Change Requests

  • Modify an approved HCP interaction or cancel an approved interaction

HCO Interactions/Contracting

  • Support institution-based workflow in a mobile platform
  • Contract with an HCO

To complement their global support and solutions, AHM has partnered with Veeva Systems, Inc., for integrated events management and compliance solutions for events management. This strategic alliance provides additional opportunities for customers by integrating CentrisDirect with Veeva CRM Events Management into a single platform to manage HCP/HCO interactions and to ensure global compliance requirements are met.
AHM to Present Global Compliance Solutions at the Speaker Programs 2017 Conference in Philadelphia, PA
Hear AHM’s Frank Castora discuss Strategies/Technologies for Managing Compliant Promotional Programs Globally at the Speaker Programs 2017 — Evolving Considerations for Innovative Promotional Programs, February 8-9, 2017, at the Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District hotel. Mr. Castora’s presentation, which is scheduled for Wednesday, February 8th at 3:45 PM, will focus on:

  • Solutions for managing organizations’ marketing initiatives and tracking to ensure compliance with international regulations and organizational SOPs;
  • Key process areas to ensure cap utilization and HCP participant eligibility; and
  • How the configuration of compliance rules and systematic prevention can detect, capture, and manage participant compliance violations.

While you’re at Speaker Programs 2017, don’t forget to check out AHM’s booth, which will feature live product demos. Conference registration and additional information are available here. For more information about CentrisDirect Release 2, email info@ahmdirection.com.

Contributed by:

Lisa Keilty, Global VP of Compliance and Strategic Solutions, AHM

Lisa joined AHM after serving as founder of the Compliance Consulting firm PMC2 and spending over 26 years in the life sciences and meeting management industry. Leading such organizations as Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb and Biogen Idec through numerous international projects, financial transparency and reporting requirements, Lisa’s industry expertise has saved Life Sciences and Meeting Management organizations over 30 million dollars. As a member of the Business Development team, Lisa’s primary focus will be Thought Leadership, Demand Generation and Solution Design.