April 3, 2014

AHM Announces CentrisDirectTM, a Global Solution to Manage Compliant Interactions with Healthcare Professionals and Organizations for the Life Sciences Industry.

New Providence, NJ, April 3, 2014 – AHM, a leading provider of solutions designed to manage compliant interactions with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Organizations (HCOs) for the life sciences industry, has announced the immediate availability of CentrisDirectTM.

AHM’s CentrisDirectTM is designed to address the challenges that continue to evolve for life science companies that are expected to manage compliant interactions in order to meet global and regional regulatory and transparency reporting requirements.

In today’s landscape, critical information about interactions with HCPs and HCOs taking place across global markets, often resides in multiple, disparate systems, following inconsistent business rules. There are many compliance risks with this approach including the lack of standardized business processes, difficulty in the consolidation of data, and data accuracy to achieve reporting requirements. These interactions need to be delivered and monitored in a consistent, proactive and accurate manner allowing life science companies to achieve transparency for both internal and external reporting obligations.

“We continue to focus on developing solutions to support our clients’ evolving needs in the management of HCP interactions. CentrisDirectTM provides them with the ability to deploy a global platform with the flexibility to support multiple interaction types and disparate regional business requirements, consolidate legacy applications and reduce total cost of ownership”, commented Nigel Whitehead, AHM’s CEO.

CentrisDirectTM is powered by the industry’s leading platform as-a-service architecture and offers the flexibility and global deployment capability critical to support today’s life science compliance needs. Combined with AHM’s 14 years of experience managing HCP interactions for the world’s top life science companies, CentrisDirectTM offers intuitive usability and proactive compliance through configurable business rules and workflows, on a platform that helps achieve a lower total cost of ownership.

“CentrisDirectTM enables the collection and consolidation of all HCP interactions in a centralized and repeatable manner delivering a full lifecycle workflow to enable compliant choices and outcomes for all stakeholders associated with the interaction” said Susan Hill, SVP Business Development. “It’s a robust and comprehensive solution that manages a multitude of interaction types including; speaker engagements, consulting services, authorship services, grants and clinical services”, said Hill.

AHM published their solution roadmap in the Fall of 2013 and remains on schedule to release additional functionality in 2014. CentrisDirectTM will be featured at the upcoming AHM Industry Conference being held June 10-11, 2014 in the U.S.