February 27, 2014

New Providence, NJ, February 27, 2014 – AHM, a leading global provider of managing compliant interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations for the life sciences industry, completed its first European Focus group in London, UK on Wednesday, February 19, 2014.

The focus group titled “Solutions for Managing Compliant Healthcare Professional Spend Interactions in the European Market” brought together a group of life sciences professionals from across Europe involved in the management of transfer of value interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations; an area that is facing increased global scrutiny and regulatory attention. With EFPIA reporting immanent, life science companies are facing increased legislation that is being enforced at local, regional, and global levels and are expected to comply with the requirements of reporting on all spend interactions with both healthcare professionals and organizations.

The focus group, facilitated by industry experts, prompted delegates to engage in meaningful discussion with their peers and market experts, in order to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with meeting the evolving demands of transparency reporting requirements in the European market.

The streamlined agenda was designed to make best use of the delegate’s time by focusing on 5 key topic areas with each session facilitated by a different expert. Sessions commenced with a brief overview of the landscape and was immediately followed by a group discussion leaving the majority of time available for the delegates to deep dive into each topic. Topics included: Master Data Management and Data Integration Challenges; Data Privacy – Considerations in a Disclosure Environment; EFPIA Update; Disclosure Support; and Cross Border Engagements.

“The inaugural meeting of the AHM Forum in London brought together industry and thought leaders from across Europe to discuss the impact of the new EFPIA regulations on the capture and reporting of transfer of value from the pharmaceutical industry to Health Care Professionals. The goal of sharing, understanding and planning for the EFPIA challenge was achieved, with many of the delegates commenting on how valuable the sessions were, giving them the opportunity to meet with their peers, validate their own plans and identify additional measures to make their company’s EFPIA Reporting projects a success. Overall a great success and no doubt the start of a valuable collaboration between AHM and the Pharmaceutical industry across Europe”; commented Roger Beedles, AHMs Vice President Business Development – Europe.

AHM will be holding a Focus Group event in China in May and holding a spring Industry Conference in the U.S. June 2014. Learn more about upcoming focus group events by visiting AHMs website at www.ahmdirect.com or sending an email to info@ahmdirect.com.

About AHM

Advanced Health Media (AHM), headquartered in New Providence, NJ, is a global provider of technology and service solutions designed to manage compliant interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations for the highly regulated life sciences industry. AHMs solutions are used by top pharmaceutical and biotech companies and in use by tens of thousands of industry sales representatives, commercial managers and healthcare professionals worldwide. For more information, please visit www.ahmdirect.com.